Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red Hats!!!!

Today was unbelievably uneventful! We got up and were very lazy, I suppose knowing we had nothing to do today. Someone did knock on the door at about 9:30 and wanted to clean. We quickly got dressed and headed down to the dining area. I took the laptop, so I could pass the time and check mail for the morning. We had a good laugh this morning while checking e-mail…mom is in a Red Hats group… know the group of ladies you may sometimes see out and about wearing purple and red clothing and red hats? She has received a few e-mails while we have been here from some of the ladies and also receives updates about what the group is doing or may have planned. She received an e-mail yesterday from one of the ladies and this particular e-mail went out to all of the other ladies in the group too! The e-mail talked about events coming up and mentioned that mom was here in Russia with me. The e-mail also gave a link, suggesting that if any of the ladies were interested they could follow along on the blog. I thought this was very sweet and love that people are reading! Well, from reading the e-mail this morning, there had been a discrepancy on the link provided, an extra period at the end of it. So the link that was sent out to the Red Hat ladies happened to take them to a PORN site when they clicked on it!! Yes, we checked the link too and sure enough it was not my blog! Oh my, what a shock for them! We really did have a good laugh!

Now ladies, I promise you, that is not what we are doing in Russia!!!!!

Ok, so yeah, that was the highlight of the day. Thanks for that though! It rained most of the morning and early afternoon. We went on two different walks today. Of course we went to the store, down by the water, etc….Now, there is a wedding going on at the hotel. Watching the staff prepare for that has been a bit interesting I suppose, but seriously that is IT!!! Tomorrow, some of us are heading downtown to the market and a children’s store. That is the plan anyway. Next week will be busy. We will be bringing Victoria back to the hotel on Tuesday….HOORAY! And then get documents together for the courier to take to Moscow.

I miss Dylan, my dogs, and my bed, BUT am happy that when I do return home Dylan and I will be a family of three, plus two dogs of course!

One of the manholes that I referred to yesterday.....there are several like just walk along and come up on a hole.

Private school near hotel. The school was built with no parking. At the beginning and end of the day the street is lined with cars.


  1. I lick your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. Sounds to me as if you had a very exciting day checking out web sites. How will the courier service to Moscow work? Will the person go on Tuesday or do you have to wait until Wednesday? What is your schedule for returning to lovely California? Lots of questions


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