Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We've Moved

Today we went to the orphanage at 9:00 am again. They have been repainting and doing some wall repairs to the inside of the orphanage, so it was an opportunity to ask if we could take the kids to a different area to play today. We were able to take Victoria and Blake to the gym. This room is much bigger and more open. Shortly after the visit began, we were joined by Victoria’s roommates, making 12 kids’ total (two caretakers too). It really was sweet to watch all the kids play and interesting too. Blake really looks out for and takes care of Victoria when the other children were around. The kids were playing with a beach ball that Heather and Justin brought. When one of the children got the ball besides B or T, Blake would do what he could to retrieve it from the others and give it to Victoria. I have decided he might think we are one large family unit. He cares for her like an older brother would. Also, his time with his new family includes us too! He really is sweet and has such a tender heart.

Victoria was talking a lot today! It sure was nice to hear. It seems every day she becomes more relaxed. In some ways it really is good that I am not able to have her with me during the 10 day wait. I visit a couple of hours a day right now almost every day, instead of completely removing her from her environment and completely immersing her in mine (or at least my environment at the hotel). This way I think it will ease the transition for her. We shall see?

I brought Victoria some bottled water, she seemed to enjoy this. I have recently been told that at the orphanages it is difficult to get milk, it is expensive. With that being the case, the children are often given coffee or tea ….yuck! And some complain of issues related to withdrawal from caffeine, headaches and so forth. Anyway….back to the water…she likes for me to pour the water in the lid and she sips from it like she is drinking from a small cup. Lana came to get us, it was time for the children to have lunch (which from what I can tell, this whole week so far has been a sort of soup and pickles, we leave at this time). I gave Victoria one last drink of her water from the lid, when she was done she handed it to me and said, “ SPASIBA!” It was said loud and clear. Now Victoria does speak Russian and well, so I have been told. Today she did talk a lot and I just don’t understand much….we do seem to work it out though. SPASIBA means THANK YOU…I thought this was very sweet of her to thank me for the water, but not only that, I understood it!! It was another fun visit!

I do hope to have Victoria with me at the hotel by Tuesday. The court decision will be final at that time. From what I understand the 10 days is put into place, allowing someone to appeal the decision if they so desire!

We saw this cat a few days ago...I am certain he is on life #8!!

We came back and didn’t do much more then what we normally do. It rained most of the day again, but stopped by late afternoon. We walked down by the shore and took the leftovers from the fridge to feed the cats and dogs in the area. There seem to be many, though they don’t all seem to be starving. Also, along the shore, one can tell there was a beautiful park at one time with a few rides. The park is completely run down and the rides no longer in use. Our boredom is obvious by the pictures taken.

He is shy, but ate what we left.

,A home on ride back to hotel...many of the same along the way.

Oh, but I almost forgot (the title)….big news…we moved to a suite this evening! I will post pics. of the new pad tomorrow. I think our space has more than doubled,cool!

Love the e-mails from people telling me they are following my blog, that really does mean so much to me.I appreciate everyone’s support!

What more could one want right?!? Here it is called Coca Cola Light.