Thursday, April 23, 2009


I copied this picture from the Overstreet's blog, Justin and Heather. This is of Blake and Victoria looking out of the orphanage yard fence, after a stray cat escaped them.

Also, my blog lists blogs that I am following. The blogs are from two families that are here right now and one family that I met on my first trip.

Passing the Time....

Today we had our visit to the orphanage in the afternoon. I was lazy this morning, slept in and slow getting ready for the day. We headed out to breakfast in the dining room at about 10:00 or so. After breakfast; chatted with Amy, Randy, and watched Walker eat and play. Went on a long walk today, was nice…still very cold, but at least the sun was out. We headed to the orphanage at 3:00 pm.

Here it is...the Vlad Motor Inn, this is where we are staying.

Today we were able to play with the kids outside for part of our visit. It was nice to be outside with them. They had a nice time. Victoria seems to be fascinated with cats and hopefully animals in general, as she will have two dogs when she finally arrives home. My dogs will no doubt enjoy kissing on her; she is just the right height! There are two turtles at the orphanage that she often points at and tells me something as she walks by. The kids played on the swings, slide, and various playground equipment. We walked around the building a couple of times. I think we were outside for close to an hour and all decided to go back inside and to the visiting room to play. Play was not as wild and crazy today, it seemed all of the adults were tired and in need of a nap. =)

Our living room area? Not sure what to call it, my bed is next to the lamp.

Victoria is becoming more and more at ease each day. She is holding hands when we walk, plopping herself on my lap, and giving more hugs. She seems to understand when it is time for us to leave and helps us pack up, hopefully realizing we will be back to play again. She is talking more and more! Today we got into a game with each other…every time she said nyet (no!); I said da (yes!)….back and forth, back and forth…..hope this is not a heads up for the years ahead of her saying no to her mother all the time. =) It was a nice visit….though I must admit, I am getting tired of the visits and ready for her to be here at the hotel. I actually did have to reprimand her today for throwing something, she totally understood and got it. We are doing all right with communicating!

Mom's bed, just next to kitchen area.

We got back to the hotel around 7:00 pm and have not done much since. Tomorrow we go again in the afternoon. Irina needs to help another family with some paperwork downtown. We went in the afternoon today because Victoria and Blake had to visit the Dr. There visit was fine. Victoria had to have a chest x-ray, which I knew she would. They are just checking to be certain she is all clear of TB. They did a skin test first and of course she tests positive, so the next step is a chest x-ray. I need these things done so that she can enter the US.

Kitchen....kind of impressed with the kitchen.

Oh, and we are still pleased with our larger living space! Also, our driver was pulled over on the way to the orphanage today. Interesting, it seems they just pull random cars over every so often. He just showed papers and stuff and we were on our way again. I text Dylan and told him I missed him. He just wanted to know when Tori was going to be with me at the hotel. No sign of an "I miss you too mom", nothin’, whatever….haha!

Property next to hotel...not sure what this is as of yet...there is a sign and translated it says something like "military seamen sanatarium"...the stream is also on the same property.