Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Call!!!!

I am happy to be writing this and letting you all know the time has finally come!!! I got “The Call”, yesterday at 7:25 am, with the news of, “We have a court date for you!” Wow! Have I been waiting for that call or what? On my birthday, which was the 18th, I received an e-mail from the adoption agency……

Hello Jennifer
I was just informed that your documents were submitted to the court. Hopefully we'll soon know which judge is assigned to your case. Then the judge will review the documents (normally takes them a week) and let Irina know if anything else is needed. Good news……

I met a wonderful couple on my first trip to Russia, Steve and Sharon. They are currently in Russia right now, finalizing the adoption of their daughter Victoria. We have kept in touch and they recently shared with me their timeline as to when they had docs completed, submitted to court, and notification of court date. I knew I would hear any day now, but I still had the concern that when the judge reviewed the info., maybe something else was needed…..can’t imagine what else unless they decide to request a limb!!!! Seriously!!!

I e-mailed Pam on Thursday (26th) with the question of “Any news?”

Her reply was, “No, sorry. I will call you when I hear something.” =(

At that point I thought, well maybe next week….BUT the very next morning the phone rang, YES!!!! The call….”Jennifer, did I wake you?” …who cares if she did….HELLO!!! Ok seriously, no small talk! Not soon enough Pam says, “We have a court date for you!”

Wow! Immediately I am frantic trying to find a pen and well just frantic! I took down some information, asked a few questions, got off the phone and tried to get Dylan moving for school because he was still just standing there in his underwear very excited too and was already late! Made a few calls to family, got Dylan to school, got back home and Pam called again…details and stuff! I had to get out the door because I was now late! Got to work and at the start of first period one of my female students says to me, “Ms. Elbe, I am not used to seeing you without make-up.” Lol, yep, I ran out of the house without make-up and about ten minutes later it dawned on me that I forgot to BRUSH MY TEETH too!!! Oh well, right?

That morning we had an assembly for the kids because we were tracking off for a month. I had not really mentioned it to anyone at work yet except my boss and the record’s clerk, Paula (she is sweet; she asks me often if I have heard anything). At the end of the assembly I got on the microphone and announced to my students, other teachers present, and the parents attending the assembly that while we were off track I planned on traveling to Russia to finally bring MY DAUGHTER home!!!! The room full of 200+ erupted! It was awesome! I was trembling, shaking, and lots of emotion going on! What a great day! And I continue to be on that high…I have lots to do though! That is OK, I will get it done!

This has been a long road, one which is really just the beginning. I have been in this process since June 2007. The last time I saw my sweet little girl was September 25, 2008. I will see her again for the first time on April 16, 2009. That makes 6 months and 22 days…I can’t wait!!!!! With regards to Victoria Irina Rae Elbe, over the last 6 months I have felt joy, wondered, worried, prayed, been frustrated, smiled, thought about, viewed pictures of over and over, laughed, remembered, been sad, answered questions about (lots from her brother!), been excited, lost sleep over, anticipated…..the list goes on…I just want her home, I just want to bring her home!!!! Soon…...

Oh…BTW…I appear before the judge on April 17th. Please pray I pass the biggest examination of my life!
My love to you all,