Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Korea....After a Very Long Flight

We are in Korea....the flight was 13 hours, very long...and the food was really, well different. For dinner, or whatever it was because it was in the middle of the night, we had "bibimbap". We even received an instruction sheet to tell us how to prepare it. There was some sort of ground beef, various pickled vegetables and it also came with seaweed soup! I pretty much just ate some of the white rice. A few hours before we landed, we had breakfast. I picked the porridge, thinking it might be like oatmeal...it was not. It was called green tea white rice porridge. The man next me gave me his yogurt, that was nice. One more flight to go for today, but it is a short one...I think 3 hours. Nothin' after 13 right?! We are in the airport now in Korea. It is 6:00 am. Our next flight leaves at 11:30 am. When shops begin to open here, I will head out to search for my morning wake-up. =) It feels really good to be off of the plane for a little while. The plane was totally full, so I was not able to get much rest...maybe a little nap in the airport. I am anxious just to reach our destination! Just wanted to give a quick update!