Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adoption Day!!!♥

Two years ago today I became the proud parent of Victoria Irina Rae! I know the ticker above says differently, if you are going through the process or have been through it, I know you get that. For others, after the court ruling it takes an additional 10 days for the decision to actually be final. During those ten days Tori was not able to be with me, she continued to live at the orphanage. Also, the ticker is tracking from the date in which we actually landed in the United States, which was May 6Th.

Her name:
Victoria is my mom's name and my great-grandmother's name.
Irina is her birth name and she was known as Ira (Ear-ah).
Rae was my grandmother's middle name.

It is hard to believe it has been two years. We have been blessed! Love my little girlie!!! ♥

Two years ago, at orphanage.

Upstairs playroom, she loved looking at the large world outside the window. I would often pick her up and walk around to the different windows so she could see.

My beautiful children now! :)