Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paka Blake

Today we said goodbye to the Overstreet's. I am so happy that they are moving on in their journey. I am grateful our paths have crossed and we share not only the bond of adoption, but our children lived together in the same group within the same orphanage. Additionally, our visits with our children where together over the ten day wait. They will travel to Moscow to visit the US Embassy there and then finally home. Blake is blessed to now have a Mama, Papa, big brother, big sister, and a dog! His new family is also very blessed! We all said goodbye, walked them out the the van and waved as they drove away. We are down to 4 families now at the hotel.

We went for a walk down by the water today. It was very nice. Victoria enjoyed the beach area. She threw rocks in the water, gathered a few shells and rocks, and watched at least 4 trains go by while we were there. She really enjoyed being outside, seeing the birds, walking and riding in a stroller. She is curious, but does not appear to be overwhelmed. She has more of a personality in which she seems to just take it all in. We walked for over an hour. Today was the last day that I need to complete any paperwork downtown, so I do hope we can go on a couple of walks each day and spend more time outside.
Throwing rocks in the water.

We had lunch, played, watched Sesame Street on the laptop and waited for Irina and the driver to pick us up. Today I had to go to the American Consulate in Vladivostok. That went well and I just needed to get papers ready for the courier to take to Moscow. He will be going tomorrow. Tomorrow is another holiday here in Russia, so most of the government offices will be closed. Processing that needs to go on with my paperwork will take place on Monday and Tuesday. The courier will fly back Weds. Even though Vladivostok and Moscow are both in Russia, Moscow is an 8+ hour flight from here. But I am glad someone else is making that trip and not me!

Lunch...salad...not just salad, trust me, this was just the beginning of lunch!

It took a very long time to get home from the Consulate. We did not get back to the hotel until 7:00 pm and we left to go just before 3:00 pm. We did stop at the market on the way back, but traffic was awful. This is a three day weekend because of the holiday. You know? Sort of like what happens to the 91 on a three day weekend. No wait, that happens to the 91 every day!

New words for today =)
socks, shoes, I love you (sort of). She certainly says lots of other things too. I guess I should mention I am picking up a bit of Russian. Also, today she just did lots on singing, she really just sings
away...very sweet!!

This is the whole group at the potluck.
Amy, her dad Randy and son Walker (North Carolina)
Fred and Heather (Newfoundland, Canada....their daughter will be joining them on Monday)
Mom, Victoria and me
Sandy, Ryan, and Bodi (Colorado)
Heather, Justin, and Blake (Illinois)